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Oliver Scott

Oliver Scott igaming expertI am Oliver Scott, and I am honoured to work as a content writer and editor-in-chief for, one of the top casino review sites. I have a Master’s degree in Economics, but my true passion has always been casino gaming. It all started with my love for playing casino games and my persistent quest for winning strategies. Now, with over a decade of experience in the online gambling industry, I've become a trusted source for insights into everything related to online and offline casinos, poker, blackjack, and slots. My work helps enthusiasts and gamblers to find the winning strategy that fits them. I also share tips and tricks for online gambling and provide detailed reviews to guide players towards the casino of their dreams. I test everything out myself, so gamblers don’t have to.
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    My Life and Biography

    I was born in a small town in Arrowtown 37 years ago. We didn’t have much to do there, so I always felt bored until, one day, my cousin introduced me to the world of poker. I immediately recognized the immense potential and excitement it had to offer, so I kept practising and figuring out strategies to win up until the point I beat my cousin, who taught me everything in the first place.

    My immersion in this field was a natural progression. As I became older, I started playing poker in online casinos, winning enough money to provide for myself. I also needed to pay tuition fees for my university studies, so I took gambling more seriously and tried slots and other table games like blackjack and baccarat. I did figure out some strategies to win, so soon enough, I earned enough money to cover my study expenses.

    While studying, I spent all my free time on extra reading and testing out my strategies. I gathered my knowledge and experience until, after I was done with my university degree, I got my first position as a poker dealer at a VIP table in a casino in my city. I watched every game closely and analysed players’ actions to understand all the intricacies first-hand. Later, I decided to share my knowledge, taking a content writer position on a gambling website to help fellow gamblers excel in their favourite games.

    As a part of the research group consisting of top professionals, I contributed my knowledge to devise a new  “light 3-betting” strategy for playing poker. It is very easy and powerful, so it is especially helpful for novice players.

    My path from a passionate casino gamer to a renowned content writer and editor-in-chief is proof of my dedication and love for the world of online gambling. My valuable knowledge, ample interests, and active participation in industry events make me a valuable asset to the online casino community as well as the platform I represent.

    My career has been remarkable in terms of crafting numerous invaluable insights, strategies, and reviews that present a helping hand for both beginners and experienced players. I’ve strived to connect the intricate world of online gambling and provide access to helpful information in the simplest way possible, making it easier for fellow gamblers to make informed choices.

    Now, possessing lots of knowledge and years of expertise and understanding of the industry’s intricacies, I am all out to share everything with you. Reading my reviews, you learn invaluable skills and gain insights into winning big easier and faster and without actually spending a lot of money on gambling.

    My Hobbies

    My interests, of course, extend beyond my professional career activities. When I am not creating insightful reviews or testing out winning strategies for casino games, you can often find me gambling recreationally, with poker, blackjack, and slots being my top choices. To me, these games are not just a source of entertainment, they represent a deep-rooted passion and an opportunity to explore the complicated world of casino entertainment.

    Besides, I am in love with football, and I take part in amateur matches in my town. When the warm season is over, I spend my time in front of the TV watching the games and cheering for my favourite team – Manchester United. Sometimes, I place bets online to combine my two passions – gambling and football. What is more, I also get a nice buck out of it.

    I spend a lot of time developing winning strategies for casino games, testing different tricks to see what actually works. Writing reviews of various gambling games and casinos is another thing I enjoy. My diverse range of interests provides a distinctive viewpoint, giving readers a wide comprehension of the gambling industry.

    Participation in Conferences

    I occasionally take part in various industry events, talk shows, and conferences to increase my knowledge and expertise. Being actively involved with my peers and other industry professionals, exchanging knowledge, and being current on the newest trends and advancements in the area of online gambling, in my opinion, is crucial for producing evaluations of the highest calibre.

    Some notable events I take part in every year are the following conferences.

    EventTopicDate and Place
    European Conference on Gambling Studies and Policy IssuesStudy and research of gambling and everything related in Europe6 – 9 September 2022

    Thon Ullevaal Stadion Hotel

    Oslo, Norway

    Global Gaming ExpoInnovation and development drivers in the gambling industry4-7 October 2021

    The Venetian Expo | Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

    European Gaming MeetupsNew trends and advances in live casino14 June 2023


    At these conferences, I have participated in numerous discussions that have addressed significant topics within the industry, sharing my insights and experiences with attendees. These events have provided a platform for networking and collaboration, further solidifying my standing as a respected figure in the online gambling community.

    Tournaments and Awards

    Since my childhood, along with my development in the gambling industry, I participated in many different tournaments to get a hold of what level top-tier gamblers present and get experience in terms of what strategies they use to reach that success.

    Even though I may not have secured the top spots in well-known tournaments, my passion for gambling and dedication to improvement have led me to achieve commendable results. One of my notable achievements includes a top-20 finish in the World Series of Poker. Some other gambling competitions I try to partake in every year are all around the world, from Monte Carlo and Las Vegas, my favourite being the European Poker Tour and EPT Copenhagen. Such participation showcases my skills and determination as a player in the amateur-level circuit.

    I also have some achievements to be proud of. My contributions to the gaming industry have been recognized with awards that acknowledge my dedication to providing valuable insights through reviews and strategies.

    On the company level, I have been nominated several times for the Best Gambling Expert of the Year and the Breakthrough of the Industry 2022. On the industry level, I was honoured to be on the list of candidates for the American Gambling Awards 2021. All of these reflect my commitment to enhancing the gaming experience for enthusiasts worldwide.