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About Us

iCasinoReviews is focused on helping New Zealanders discover some of the best sites to help them have fun and boost their winning chances. With the wide variety of online casinos in New Zealand, it’s important to refer to a guide before signing up or depositing money.

iCasino Reviews is one of the best guides for professional New Zealand gamblers. The most amazing thing about the online sites listed on iCasinoReviews is you can access them anywhere whenever you want.

All you need is a technological device and a reliable internet connection. We have assisted many New Zealand players to have fun and win. And we shall continue to do so.

Our Mission

iCasinoReviews is a fast-growing catalogue of the best online casinos in New Zealand. We inspected every gambling scene corner and published all our findings in one easy-to-navigate place. How can this be useful to you? Explore the best platforms for poker, pokies, specific payments or software developers, and more or seek out the best bonus according to type. The search options cover all tastes. 

Our main mission is to support your positive online gambling experience. With such variety online, there’s never been a more pressing need for expert guidance in your selection process. To provide it, we use a multi-layered approach. First, we only publish verified information about games, bonuses, payments and licences. Second, we have a reputation to protect, which is directly reliant on you having a positive experience as a result of our recommendations. Last, we shy away from giving you valuable advice on how you can avoid the most common mistakes while playing in online casinos. 

We are sad to see the trust erode from the unfair practices of a few shady operators. That’s why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to remedy the situation and protect players so they can have fun and stay safe. To succeed in our mission, we need your trust. And we work hard for it through an unwavering commitment to accuracy, objectivity, and relevance in our guides.

Who are we?

Daniel Anderson (Founder)

Daniel Anderson is ambitious and passionate about enabling New Zealand citizens to discover the best real money casinos. As a young boy, he saw how his uncles had problems with accessing online sites that they had to walk for two kilometres every day to access land-based casinos. He founded Icasino Reviews with his friends to make it easier for New Zealand players to access the best sites in the industry.

Oliver Scott (Editor-in-chief)

Oliver Scott

Oliver Scott, an accomplished author and editor-in-chief of, brings a unique blend of experience and passion to the world of online gambling. Oliver began his journey into the world of casino gambling with poker, where he diligently honed winning strategies. With over a decade in the industry, he has become an authority on casino, poker, blackjack and slot machines.

Oliver is committed to simplifying the intricacies of gambling. He is one of the creators of the innovative poker strategy “easy 3-betting”, designed specifically for beginners. In addition to his professional life, Oliver enjoys recreational gambling and is an avid soccer fan. He seamlessly combines these interests by betting on soccer matches using his knowledge and experience.

Mark Anthony (Editor-in-chief)

Mark’s creativity in writing has made him one of the most sought out editors New Zealand. Mark did not know what his future held until he was fourteen. His pieces of writing were the best in high school and college. After graduating, he worked with several companies as an editor before settling down with iCasinoReviews. He has always enjoyed making things short and easy for his readers.

Alison Chao (Copywriter)

Chao is a talented copywriter who focuses on creating high-quality articles for iCasinoReviews. Alice worked as a marketing executive for a few years before she got fired from the company she was working within the United States. She moved to New Zealand to start all over again. She worked as a freelancer for a few months and got the attention of Mark Anthony who hired her. And that’s when she discovered her passion. She loves reading, researching and improving her writing skills to continue creating great content for New Zealand citizens.

Values and Principles

Just like any other successful organization, we have our values and principles that control our daily operations and the impact we have on our fellow players. Our core values include:

Truth – Every piece of information about the online sites we list is true to the core. Before posting any piece of information, we conduct thorough research using credible and reliable sources. By doing this, we ensure that our New Zealand players have access to high-quality information which enables them to make better decisions.

Transparency – As you’ll see when you load our site, everything has been made open for everyone to see. We don’t hold back crucial information. Any player residing in New Zealand can access every piece of information about us and the online sites listed on our site anytime.

Quality– iCasinoReviews is committed to offering high-quality services in terms of providing truthful and comprehensive information about the best online sites for New Zealand players. We only list licensed and reputable NZD online casino on our platform so that players can have an easy time during their leisure time.

Why trust iCasinoReviews?

So far, we have helped thousands of New Zealand players discover the best online casinos. Here are a few crucial components of our approach to help you understand why you should trust us.  


Many review platforms publish misleading information about gambling sites. We take extra steps not to be one of them. We cross-check, test, research and only present verifiable and valid information.  


We are not promoting any casino. In our view, an honest evaluation encourages healthy competition among operators. Our goal is to focus on your positive experience, not spare criticism for operators.


Our team is composed of experienced casino players. We are not afraid to draw from our personal experiences to put ourselves into the reader’s shoes. This helps us understand what is important for every player. 


All information in our reviews and guides is factually correct. We guarantee that every piece of information is thoroughly checked and verified before being presented to you, as we validate all details ourselves. 

We are also open to your feedback. If you have suggestions or any questions related to our area of interest, please contact us, and we’ll be happy to discuss your inquiry. 

Trust iCasinoReviews to help you find the best online casinos in New Zealand. By choosing one of our recommended sites, you guarantee yourself peace of mind and fun when playing online casino games. We are genuinely interested in you having a positive gaming experience online and won’t let you down. 

Our Partners

We cooperate and maintain direct contact with respectable software developers and bookmakers. We only work with trustworthy and legitimate companies active in New Zealand. Furthermore, we exclude operators with overwhelmingly negative feedback from the community.

Our industry partnerships enhance the quality and accuracy of our reviews. What’s more, we receive insider information about upcoming changes before anyone else. So, we keep our readers on top of the game at all times.

Responsible Gambling 

At iCasinoReviews, we abide by responsible gambling regulations and practices. We view casino gaming as a fun activity. And that’s the experience we want our readers to have. So, we ask our readers to always be wary of the potential signs of gambling addiction and stop when they feel affected. Furthermore, we’ve made sure every reviewed operator offers self-restriction tools, including self-exclusion, cool-off, deposit-, loss-, time-limits, and support lines for those in need. The lines of the Problem Gambling Foundation are always open to gamblers seeking guidance and help with gambling addiction. Visit the Ministry of Health’s website for more information on this mental health issue.