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Plinko Gambling: Play the Plinko Game - Fresh Cripto Casino Game for 2024

plinko gambling nz

Plinko is a slot inspired by the famous Japanese game called Pachinko. In it, players drop a ball from the top of a triangular pin pyramid and attempt to find a winning route down to a multiplier. Plinko gambling online is popular because of its uniqueness, but also its variety of features that allow players to customize the risk factor and multipliers, as well as the provability.
If you are looking to play a trending game with excellent design and high RTP in NZ, Plinko is it! It offers up to 1000x your Plinko gambling stake and comes with a 99% RTP. Keep reading to find out more.

What Is the Plinko Game Online Gambling?

plinko gameIf you like playing online pokies, Plinko falls under that category. However, Plinko online gambling is not exactly the same as playing traditional slots. This is a game of chance where the chips ricochet around randomly, just like they do in The Price is Right, a popular game show.

The gameplay is replicated from the game show but instead of chips, a pink ball drops from the top of the pyramid to slots at the bottom, ranging from low to high seen inside-out.

In the game, you can play between 8 and 16 lines. There are plenty of betting options, making it perfect for gamblers with different budgets. If you want to test it first, you can play the Plinko gambling simulator at New Zealand casinos that offer this game i.e. set the bet at 0 and play for free.

When you click the button and drop the ball in Plinko, it will drop in a multi-row pyramid and bounce between the pins in a random route. In the end, it will reach a destination at the pyramid’s bottom, and where it lands will determine your payout. If your ball drops at the edges of the pyramid, the payouts are larger.

Guide for Online Gambling Plinko in NZ

guide for online gambling plinko in nzThere’s not much that you can do to affect the outcome in Plinko, just like in other slots. However, what you can do is:

  • Set a time limit and session your gambling budget to play responsibly ➛
  • Choose your risk level. The options are low, medium, and high. The prizes will adjust accordingly. ➛
  • Choose between 8 and 16 lines depending on your budget. You can do this any time before you press play. ➛
  • Choose between auto bet and manual bet mode. There are 1000 auto plays available with the Plinko balls. ✔

How to Make a Deposit for Plinko Game Gambling

Plinko game depositOnce you find an NZ casino where you can play Plinko, keep in mind that you’ll need cryptocurrencies to make your deposits. Here is how you can deposit:

  • Navigate to the deposit page at the casino where you play
  • Choose the method that best suits your needs. You can usually choose between several cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and Litecoin
  • Use your deposit address to send crypto from your wallet or exchange to the casino. If you don’t have crypto, you can buy it with fiat currency by using tools like Moonpay

Game Developer for Plinko Ball Gambling

There are different variants of the Plinko game that you can play these days. Let’s take a look at your options.

Stake Originals Plinko

plinko stakes

Stake Casino has an original and unique version of their own, different from all others. This variants stands out because it allows the possibility for really high or extremely low stakes. If you have a very low budget, you can choose a bet sized at less than a cent. If you have a high budget, you can bet with $2500!

This version of Plinko became very popular through Trainwrecks, a streamer who won millions of dollars playing at this casino. The maximum multiplier of the game is 1000x, just like in the BGaming version.

Here are some details that make this variant different from others.

Variable Risk Management

plinko game risksThere are 2 ways to control the level of risk when you play Stake Plinko. Every time you set them, you’ll see the game board shift. First, you can adjust the game field called ‘Risk’. Second, you can adjust the number of rows you want to play. Naturally, changing one will also affect the other, as well as your highest potential win.

Here is how this works.

Let’s say that you choose a low risk and 8 rows. This comes with a potential win of 5.6 times your bet. However, if you choose high risk instead, the potential win goes up to 29 times your bet.

Auto Play Function

Another popular function of this version is the auto play. This format is popular with players who enjoy gambling on different casino games at the same time, or play slots for long period of times. You can find the ‘Auto’ tab at the top left corner of the game screen.
To activate this, make sure to fill in the fields as you prefer and set the number of rounds you want to trigger automatically.

Spribe Plinko

stribe plinkoIn the Spribe Plinko version, players are given 3 choices for line selection – 12, 14, and 16. The minimum bet is different from that of other variants, too. It starts at $0.10. The maximum bet is same as in BGaming Plinko – $100.

In this variant, the maximum multiplier is 555 times your stake, which is lower than the two other versions. It comes with minimum 12 pins, which is determined by the number of lines of pins in the pyramid.

If you play the Spribe Plinko game, you can choose which colored box and multiplier it will land in. Statistically, Red has the greatest range with high and low multipliers, and Green has lower multipliers but higher winning odds.

Online Plinko Gambling at Casinos with the BGaming Version

Lastly we have the BGaming version which is also available to Kiwis today. BGaming’s Plinko is the closest to the US template and style. Even so, there’s no reference to the parent show in the game, and it is considered a standalone game.

When you play the BGaming version in NZ casinos, you can bet a minimum of $1, which makes it the highest of all 3 versions. The maximum multiplier is 1000 times your stake, while you can choose between 8 and 16 pins, just like in the Stake version.

Features of the Stake Game Plinko

There are some features of Plinko that you’ll find in all variants played in New Zealand:

Auto Mode

Stake game plinko auto modeThe Plinko Auto Mode is different from that of traditional slots. In it, a stream of balls will fall down, each of them playing a bet. In the Spribe version, you can choose the color of the balls, which also affects the winning potential. Read has higher potential losses, but the highest payout if it gets in the right spot when it drops.

In BGaming Plinko, you can specify the number of balls you want to drop. You can choose from 10 to 1000.

To stop this feature, you just need to press on ‘Stop’ or ‘Stop Auto Betting’ depending on the variant you play.

Risk Level

The risk level is adjustable in all versions, too. In Spribe, for example, you can affect the risk by choosing the color of the balls. In BGaming, you can choose between low, normal, or high risk levels. In Stake’s Plinko, you can adjust the risk and number of rows.

Provably Fair Game

Plinko falls under the Provably Fair game category. Games in this category give players a code named hash that can be used to verify the fairness of the game on the blockchain.

How to Win With Plinko Gambling

plinko bitcasino

When you press the ‘bet’ button in the game, there’s nothing for you to do except look at the screen and watch the action take place. The game is based on luck, but by adjusting the risk, number of lines, and your bet, you can affect the volatility and potential win in this game. In the end, it depends what you prefer – frequent, small wins or rare, high wins.

Gambling Plinko on Mobile: App to Download

This is one of the newest games you can play in New Zealand, so you can definitely play it on mobile. There’s no need to download an application to play Plinko. It’s available in an HTML5 version and found in casinos that accept crypto. You just need a Flash version and you can play directly on the casino site from your browser.

Playing the Plinko Casino Game for Free vs. for Real Money

plinko casino game for freePlinko is different from all other slot machines, which is why many decide to test it for free before they deposit real money. The free variant is the same as the paid one, but without the possibility to win real money.

To play it for free in New Zealand, just set the bet amount field to zero. You won’t win or lose anything, but you can see all the features and understand the gameplay before you play for real money.

FAQ on Stake Plinko Game

🔎Where can I play the Plinko game for free?

If you are wondering where to play Plinko gambling, know that there aren’t many casinos that offer this in New Zealand. Go through the crypto sites in our reviews to choose the best one that offers Plinko.

🔥What’s my best strategy when playing the Plinko gambling game?

There isn’t a strategy written in stone that works best with Plinko. It’s best to play guided by your budget. If you have a higher budget, you can play at higher risk levels for higher payouts. If you have a smaller budget, choose a lower risk to play longer and enjoy more frequent, smaller wins.

✅Which version is better – Spribe or BGaming Plinko?

Again, this depends on your personal preference. Spribe’s Plinko has a smaller maximum payout compared to BGaming and Stake’s version, but Stake and Spribe have smaller minimum bet options for players. The BGaming version gives you more choices in terms of lines of pins.

🎁Do I have to make a Bitcoin deposit to play?

No. Bitcoin is an accepted option in most crypto casinos, but you can also find some other currencies on selected sites. These include Litecoin and Ethereum.

⚡What’s the difference between Plinko crypto and the Gameshow?

In the casino game, you get to be the player while you were the viewer when watching the gameshow. You can also win real money and affect the risk, your betting range, etc. Depending on the version, the design and the music of the game also differs. BGaming has an entirely different music playing in the background. Another big difference is that you get one chip per round, while TV contestants could win up to 4 more when answering questions right.

🥇Is there a strategy to use in a Plinko casino that always works?

While other games of chance have strategies that can impact the outcome, like poker or blackjack, Plinko doesn’t. This is not a skill-based game in terms of the outcome. You can, however, choose the risk and bet.