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Mega Moolah cheats and hacks for New Zealanders

It won’t be a big secret to tell that Mega Moolah is an iconic gaming slot designed by Microgaming, which works on a system of a progressive Jackpot calculation. Since this specific game has allowed hundreds of players in NZ and worldwide to become multi-millionaires, its popularity has always been outstanding.

While Mega Moolah was continually increasing in popularity, thousands of New Zealanders were wondering about the ways of improving the winning odds.

Keeping in mind that a Mega Jackpot is an ultimate objective of all New Zealand players, our review will shed light on all the proper ways of increasing the winning chances. If you were long looking for real pieces of advice, you happen to be just on the right web page. Take a look!

How to win Mega Moolah: Hacks and cheats

Before moving a bit further in a review of all the plausible options of winning more while playing Mega Moolah, we should immediately emphasize that this online pokies machine cannot be hacked in a literal sense. One of the alternative options is to do your best in trying all the other wagering tips and gameplay tricks, which can be called Mega Moolah tricks. Once you are up for increasing your winning odds substantially, the following recommendations might be of good use to get to know how to beat Mega Moolah.

Mega Moolah tips and tricks

Look, sometimes, even a sequence of betting can have a huge impact on one’s chances of scoring a progressive Jackpot. Our review team fully realizes that any recommendation of betting higher amounts might sound a bit weird for New Zealanders, but its mathematical chances are more convincing than logic. Keeping in mind that New Zealand gamblers preferably play Mega Moolah for the sake of scoring a long-anticipated progressive Jackpot, they should take a more proactive stance on their betting frequency.

That doesn’t mean that NZ players should wager everything they have; instead, playing according to a bankroll is the best way to optimize the overall amount of spins in particular gaming sessions. The next time you’re in the gaming lobby of Mega Moolah on the website of your gambling website, don’t forget to become one of Mega Moolah winners just by betting regularly and according to your bankroll.

Mega Moolah Jackpot tricks

New Zealand gamblers who are looking forward to scoring a progressive Jackpot should remember about its size. Although the higher, the more chances rule doesn’t work as it sounds, the experience of active gamblers who know how to play Mega Moolah to win allows reviewing this question a little bit deeper.

Since the progressive Jackpot amount can be checked at any time either within the slot or on the website of Mega Moolah, NZ gamblers can take a look at the existing numbers at any time. Keeping a regular track on the current amount of a progressive Jackpot, New Zealanders are recommended to bet more actively once a Jackpot exceeds a $10 million mark. Be sure that such an approach doesn’t guarantee a 100% success in terms of scoring a Mega Jackpot, yet it can evidently increase winnings odds.

Mega Moolah cheats

When it comes to the alternative ways of hacking a Mega Moolah slot machine, NZ gamers should try betting more per each spin and try checking the regular timings of jackpots won in recent history. Once you are uncertain how to make the most use of these approaches, the following subsections will speak for themselves.

How to hack Mega Moolah: Bet more!

From the perspective of the wagering techniques, betting more is a healthy alternative for increasing the winnings odds. Gamblers in New Zealand are universally uncommon with all the lifehacks regarding the flexibility of wagering. By betting more for each specific spin, NZ players not only increase their winning amounts in terms of quantity, but they also contribute more to the overall progressive Jackpot of Mega Moolah.

This specific Mega Moolah strategy also relies upon switching the coin size before each spin, which increases the overall size of the bet. Even though New Zealanders are typically aware of sensible budgeting, they should be more careful with betting high, alongside keeping track of their bankroll.

Timing as a Mega Moolah hack

Although the amounts of previous Jackpot amounts were already mentioned as one of the plausible factors for choosing the right timings for gameplay, specific time zones are also important. From what we found out in our manual review of Mega Moolah, a huge Jackpot occurs once in 10-11 weeks, which is one of those recommendations that are prominent for active gameplay.

If we take this timing into consideration, playing somewhere around these times frames can be outstanding for the overall increase of winning odds. That’s why most experience New Zealand gamblers keep those timings in mind before starting their long and victorious gaming sessions.

Mega Moolah winners

Many NZ gamblers have asked us to review a list of the highest winnings of Mega Moolah regarding a progressive Jackpot. Don’t forget that a Mega Moolah slot has four distinctive modes of Jackpots, meaning that different amounts are awarded, alongside the calculation coefficients. On the official website of this slot machine, thousands of gamers all around the globe are mentioned as the winners of Mega Jackpots.

The good news for New Zealanders is that dozens of them have already been the winners of multi-million amounts by playing a Mega Moolah slot machine. What stands out in the structure of winning distribution is the fact that those progressive prizes are often anonymous in terms of particular online casinos and personal information about the winners.

That’s why it is now impossible to know what online casinos hosted top winners from NZ, but our review team still found out that Montreal Casino and Yukon Gold Casino are two websites that award players from New Zealand more often. For more information, take a look at our exclusive list of five latest Mega Moolah winner prizes in New Zealand, as follows:

  • $4,966,561.64
  • $8,332,554.01
  • $1,599,752.60
  • $10,144,395.82
  • $1,062,335.94

These five huge wins took place in the last few years, whereas New Zealand winners have undoubtedly left their traces in the history of multi-millions Jackpots in Mega Moolah. If you are up for claiming the similar or even higher prize pools, the mentioned above tips and tricks can profoundly boost your winnings odds. Try them without any hesitation during your next gaming session with on your preferred gambling website; good luck!

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