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Legal Age for Gambling in New Zealand

The gambling laws in New Zealand dictate different age requirements for visiting a land-based and gambling at an online casino. For instance, you must be at least 20 to play at land-based casinos. But this casino age limit NZ is slightly different for online sites and depends on the types of games you want to play.

This article unravels the age restrictions pertaining to gambling physically and online in New Zealand. We delve into the necessary documents to prove your age and the kind of games you can play based on how old you are. Also, we highlight the penalties for violating the legal age limit in casinos. These insights will keep you informed and out of trouble as you navigate gambling sites in New Zealand.

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    Online and Land-Based Casinos: What Is the Legal Age for Casino NZ?

    Land-based casinos in New Zealand will only accept players of 20 years old. In online casinos, the limit is 18 y. o. The Department of Internal Affairs (Te Tari Taiwhenua) is responsible for these restrictions.

    These NZ casino age restrictions align with other demands from the Department of Internal Affairs to build a safe, prosperous, and respected nation. Also, the country believes an individual at 20 is an adult, liable to serve a jury, drink, gamble, and earn minimum wage rates. Currently, this government institution restricts the opening of a gambling site in the country. But it hasn’t stopped its citizens from trying out international sites.

    Any citizen who violates the age limits for land-based and online sites will get banned and attract a fine of up to $500. If you buy alcohol at the land-based casino, you get an additional infringement fee of $200 or a fine of up to $2000. Violations of the limit on different game categories attract a fine of $1000, and if it’s poker, your pot wins are forfeited.

    What Are the Documents to Prove Your Legal Age in Casinos NZ?

    The documents you can use in land-based casinos to prove you’re of legal age include the following.

    • A New Zealand or overseas driver’s licence
    • A New Zealand or overseas passport
    • A Kiwi Access Card or Hospital Association NZ Card
    • Any other government-issued ID showing your photo and date of birth.

    Since the Department of Internal Affairs prohibits online sites, the foreign brands you join can ask for some other documents. However, the documents generally needed are for KYC and AML policies, including a valid photo ID, a utility bill, and a bank statement.

    Casino Games And Their Age Requirements in NZ

    As stated by the NZ Gambling Act 2003, citizens who are at least 18 y. o. can participate in some gambling games. These games and their requirements are highlighted in the table below.

    Gambling ActivityAge Requirement
    Land-based 20
    Online sites18
    Instant Play 18
    Instant Kiwi Lottery18
    Restaurant Pokies18
    Scratch cards18
    LottoNo Limit

    However, it’s important to note that a few land-based gambling establishments impose their own age restrictions. While there might be restrictions at offline casinos in NZ, the age pass for all games at online gambling sites is 18.

    The Game Without Age Limit in New Zealand

    The lottery is an officially recognized gambling game for the old and young, both in physical and online casinos in New Zealand. There’s a New Zealand Lotteries Commission, founded in 1987, responsible for governing all lottery games in the country. The Lottery games include Lotto, Keno, Powerball, and Bullseye. There’s no casino age NZ limit for playing these games.

    However, if you pull a win of over $1,000 and you’re under 18, only a legal guardian or a parent can claim your win. They’d be required to fill out a verification form acknowledging them as your guardian or parent.


    1️⃣ What is the legal age to visit land-based casinos in New Zealand?

    Land-based gambling establishments in NZ will only accept you into their premises if you’re 20 and older. This is mandated by the Gambling Act of 2003.

    2️⃣ What documents do I need for proof of age?

    These include a New Zealand or overseas driver’s licence, passport, Kiwi Access Card, or Hospital Association NZ Card. Also, any other government-issued ID showing your photo and date of birth.

    3️⃣ What Is The Legal Age Allowed In Australian Online Casinos?

    To play at online gambling sites in NZ, you must be at least 18 y.o. Although the Department of Internal Affairs prohibits them, you can access any of the foreign gambling sites.

    4️⃣ Which game has no age limit?

    The game without an age limit in the country is lottery. The different versions include Lotto, Keno, Powerball, and Bullseye.


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