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Where You’ll Find the Fastest Internet in New Zealand

When you consider that the fastest internet in New Zealand today is around 196.3Mbps (that’s 196 megabytes per second), and faster, it seems almost unbelievable that about 50 years ago, the internet, as we know it today, didn’t even exist.

The first email was sent in 1971, but it wasn’t until 1983 that computers began to share digital information with each other. But. It wasn’t until 1989, just 33 years ago, that a British scientist, Tim Berners-Lee, invented the World Wide Web while employed by Cern.

The first viable internet connection available for the public was via “dial-up.” When you look at the average internet speed NZ residents enjoy today, “dial-up” crawled at snail pace. To download a low-quality tune (approx. 3.5MBs), it would take about 10 minutes, but because internet speeds were so inconsistent, it would, in reality, take more like 30 minutes. Downloading a low-quality movie (approx. 700MB) would take 3 to 5 days with a low-speed connection, or 28 hours with a fast one.

With the fastest internet in NZ today, that low-quality tune would only take less than 1 second, while the same movie would take about 4 seconds.

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    Early Online Gambling Before Fast Internet NZ Speeds Were Available

    It was in the early to mid-1990s that the first online casinos appeared. Microgaming, a name all New Zealanders who enjoy online casinos will recognise, launched the first one in tandem with Cryptologic. From 1996 to 97, the number of online gambling platforms went from 15 to over 200.

    But those early gambling games were only crude. They were slow, and connections were often intermittent, nothing like it is today with the amazing internet speeds NZ offers Kiwi gamblers.

    That’s why we thought you might like to know a little more about the sort of internet speed NZ online gamblers can link up to.

    NZ Fastest Internet Cities

    According to, the top 3 cities in New Zealand for internet were as follows:

    Dunedin City

    You could be excused for thinking that Wellington would have the fastest Internet connection in New Zealand, being as it is the capital. But as it turns out, the city with the fastest Internet connection is Dunedin City, where the average speed is 196.3Mbps.

    It’s because of the $200,000 GigCity development fund initiated by Chorus for the city’s broadband network. It meant that Dunedin became the fastest Internet city in the southern hemisphere. Installed initially to benefit the business community, this NZ fastest internet speed benefits all Internet users, including Kiwis who enjoy playing online casino games.

    North Shore City

    When Published their top 10 cities for NZ internet speeds, it meant that the North Shore City Internet speed of 54.3Mbps looked to be fundamentally slower than Dunedin City’s. Indeed, it was. However, anything above 50Mbps is more than sufficient to give New Zealanders the fast Internet connections they desire for their online gambling activities. It’s pretty well instantaneous.

    Rotorua District

    Again, at 52.8Mbps, the Rotorua District Internet speed, being slightly lower than North Shore City’s speed, might seem monumentally slower than that of Dunedin City’s, it is, nonetheless, plenty fast enough for most online activities, including gambling.

    How the Top 10 City New Zealand Internet Speed Stats Compare

    How about the other New Zealand Cities? How do they stack up? You can see from the table below:

    NoCity/DistrictAve Internet Speed
    1Dunedin City196.3Mbps
    2North Shore City54.3Mbps
    3Rotorua District52.8Mbps
    4Porirua City47.7Mbps
    5Auckland City45.4Mbps
    6Manukau City45Mbps
    7Lower Hutt City43.9Mbps
    8Masterton City43.4Mbps
    9Nelson City43Mbps
    10Papakura District42.7Mbps

    The table that published, as shown above, was published in July 2020. Things have moved on in the meantime, and if you are asking what is the fastest internet speed in New Zealand today, take a quick peek at the following table.

    Fibre TypeAverage Download SpeedAverage Upload SpeedGuide Price Per Month
    Fibre Starter50Mbps10Mbps$60
    Fibre 300314.6Mbps109.6Mbps$59
    Fibre Pro870.7 Mbps497.7Mbps$79

    When Kiwi gamblers ask what should my internet speed be NZ city-wise, even the Fiber Starter level in the table above is more than adequate. But the Fibre 300, which costs a little less, is an even better option.

    Helpful Links for Checking Internet Speed Where You Are

    Now you know the answer to the question of what is a good internet speed NZ online gamblers should aspire towards, you ought to be able to get it providing fibre has been installed in the area within which you live.

    There are several links you can use to find out what NZ internet speed you should be able to access. They include:

    Concluding Thoughts

    With internet speeds of 314.6Mbps/109.6Mbps (download/upload) up to 2,000Mbps, online gamblers in New Zealand are spoilt for choice. Of course, you will want to take full advantage of that fast speed. What’s the use if you don’t? Take withdrawal speeds, for example – something that is close to most New Zealand gamblers’ hearts. This is why casinos with the fastest payouts are so popular in New Zealand.


    Does fast internet mean fast payout?

    Not necessarily. Most casinos have their own processing times, which can take anywhere up to 3 days. Once they've processed your withdrawal request, payment can be immediate (within 0 to 2 hours) using an eWallet or cryptocurrency banking method.

    Why is a fast internet connection so important?

    The faster the internet speed, the quicker a casino and its games will download, and you can begin playing. It's even more important with live dealer games because they are live-streamed. The faster the speed, the better your interactions.

    Can I play online casino with a 10Mbps connection?

    Yes, you can. You can even drop as low as 5Mbps, although you might experience a slight delay with live dealer games.

    Will my mobile be compatible with ultra-fast internet?

    Yes, modern iPads, iPhones, Smartphones and Tablets all work well with fast internet speeds.

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