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Banks That Support Google Pay in New Zealand

In today’s digital age, mobile banking options have become very popular. This shouldn’t come as a surprise considering that they are highly convenient and free of fees. Google Pay is one such platform. Ever since it was invented, it’s been preferred by many New Zealanders. As a result, you can find it as a banking option when you buy online, when you gamble at casinos, etc. Today, a Google Pay casino is not a rarity.

In this article, we’ll explore which banks support this method in New Zealand, as well as how it works.

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    What is Google Pay NZ?

    The Google Pay app is a creation by Google, one that allows users to make contactless payments by using their phones. When you use this method, it completely eliminates the need to use e-wallets, physical or debit cards. Basically, the application will secure your payment information and allow you to make fast transactions whenever you need.

    Today, Google Pay supports a wide range of banks and cards in New Zealand. It also has some of the strictest methods to ensure your safety. If your answer was ‘is Google Pay safe’, the answer is yes. This is one of the safest methods for payments these days.

    How Does Google Pay Work?

    Google Pay uses NFC or Near Field Communication to offer contactless payments. How does this work?

    There are 2 ways in which you can use the method.

    NFC enables 2 devices in close proximity to establish communication. It’s done by bringing them close or tapping. When this happens, users can make payments by tapping on their phones on compatible payment terminals. These terminals can be found at selected merchants.

    For New Zealanders looking to use this method, there’s a full list of merchants in your area that you can find on the official website of this provider.

    The second option is the Google Pay digital wallet feature, which is more popular with New Zealanders these days. It’s more convenient because you don’t have to travel to a merchant to fill your account and pay.

    In your Google Pay digital wallet, you can use cards to store cash. You can use your credit cards, debit cards, as well as the popular Google Pay gift cards. You can store the information so that you don’t have to enter it manually every time you wish to use this banking method.

    Google Pay also integrates with other services by Google. For instance, you can use it with Google Assistant. You can use Google Pay to buy something online, but also to send your friends or family money, split bills, etc. – all through voice commands.

    Which Bank Cards Can I Use at Google Pay Casinos?

    In New Zealand, several banks support this banking method. To help you create your account and link your card, we’ve listed the banks where this is available in your country:

    • Westpac

    The first bank where you can use Google Pay is Westpac. Westpac NZ Google Pay has been an option since the very beginning. This is one of the leading banks in the country. To use Google Pay Westpac NZ, simply add your bank card to your Google Pay account. Then, you no longer have to carry your cards around with you or type down the numbers whenever you want to make payments. With Westpac Google Pay, you can use your credit cards and debit cards.

    • ANZ

    Another way to make payments is through ANZ Google Pay. ANZ also allows you to use their credit and debit cards in the app. If you want to use the ANZ Google Pay NZ method, all you need to do is link your MasterCard or Visa in the application. With the added convenience of Google Pay, ANZ customers can make transactions faster and easier than ever before.

    • Kiwibank

    Kiwibank Google Pay is also available in New Zealand. If you have an account in the Kiwi Bank, know that this bank is also compatible with Google Pay. You can use your MasterCard and Visa debit and credit cards to make payments from your phone.

    • The Co-operative Bank

    Finally, the last option you have is Co-operative Bank Google Pay. Customers of this bank can also link their cards to the app and enjoy all the benefits of making mobile payments.

    While you have several options, you should know that the availability of the service can vary based on the type of card you own as well as the individual account eligibility. Before you make a Westpac Google Pay NZ deposit or use any other bank, check with the bank first for specific details about card compatibility.

    How to Use Google Pay: Step-by-Step Guide

    Setting up a Google Pay account – and using it is pretty straightforward. Here is a step-by-step guide to follow:

    • Download the Google Pay application. You can find it in your Google Play store if you use Android or in the App store for your iOS device. The app is free to download and it will take seconds to install. It doesn’t take up much space.
    • Add a payment method of your choice. When you sign up and create an account using your email and other personal information, the app will launch and ask you to enter a payment method. Just follow the prompts to add a method. You can even scan your card with the phone’s camera or enter the details manually. In terms of methods, Google Pay supports cards from various banks including debit, credit, and prepaid cards.
    • Verify your method. Depending on which bank you choose and who your card issuer is, you might be required to verify your card before you can add it to Google Pay. The process usually involves receiving a confirmation through an authentication method such as email or SMS. When you receive the one-time password, you’ll need to enter it in a dedicated field in the app.
    • Set up security. Google Pay offers a variety of security features to protect your data and transactions. When you are creating your account, you’ll be prompted to choose a security option. This can be a PIN code you should memorize or a biometric authentication such as facial recognition or fingerprint. You’ll need to use these to access your account.

    When you’ve done all this and entered a payment method, and after it’s been verified, you can start using Google Pay to make online transactions. This process will take a short amount of time and you only need to do it once.

    When you have an account and want to make a payment, unlock the phone and hold it near the payment terminal. Or, fill up your digital wallet and start paying instantly.

    Gambling at a Google Pay Casino NZ: Final Thoughts

    Google Pay has gained significant popularity in New Zealand. It’s a convenient, secure payment solution that people can use without carrying cards around or entering details manually. As such, it’s offered by an increasing number of merchants such as online casinos. Based on its popularity and level of security, we can expect it to become even more popular in the years that follow.


    Is Google Pay safe to use?

    Yes. Google Pay incorporates different security measures to ensure that you can do safe transactions. It uses encryption and tokenization and requires authentication for use.

    Does Westpac have Google Pay in NZ?

    Yes. Google Pay Westpac is one of the options in New Zealand for banks to support this payment method. You can link your credit and debit cards to the app.

    Can I use this method to gamble at online casinos in New Zealand?

    Selected online casinos already support Google Pay as a banking method, especially the highly-ranked ones.

    Can I buy gift cards with Google Pay?

    Yes. You can store and organize gift cards within the apps and use them for purchases at participating retailers.

    What’s the difference between Google Pay per click and Google Pay?

    Google Pay is a mobile payment app by Google. Google Pay per click is an advertising model where advertisers pay a fee when their ad is clicked on in Google’s search results.

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